Mid night club, tokyo’s Hashiriya racers:

It is well known that the Hashiriya culture is an underground subculture of japan, the young japanese racers were either touge racers, or highway racers, but today there aren’t many racers like in the 90’s. What was it like in the 90’s ?


In the 80’s and 90’s there have been many street racing clubs roaming the streets of japan espicially tokyo and osaka, the most known is the Mid night club, one of the most well-known and highly-respected group of illegal street racers in the world. They were known for racing in Shuto expressway.

The Club drivers were very skilled and cautious, since safety was their top priority, since only 1 out 10 prospect racers become full members. Any member would be kicked out if they were deemed to pose a danger to other drivers or pedestrians.


the Mid Night club cars were hardly modified, from supras, GTR’s to 911’s, they were capable of exceeding 187 mph. And it is believed that the founders at the time are today the founders of japan’s top tuning companies.

The club later on disbanded due to a serious accident between some of the club drivers and some of the Bosozuko, which claimed the lives of 2 Bosozuko and put some drivers and civilians in the hospital.