Important! Never Refrigerate These 15 Foods

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This list of foods you should never keep in the fridge


For the sake of hygiene it always seems that keeping our food in the fridge is a great idea.

However serious scientific researches have been able to prove that for certain products, putting theù in the refrigerator can caused serious sanitary troubles.

so we have to select the first part about products that should never be put in the fridge


Bananas in the fridge? Because they retain nutrients better outside the fridge, they should never be placed inside the refrigerator. According to Canadian Produce Marketing Association, bananas are better kept on the counter until they ripen. The cold temperatures actually slow down the ripening process of the bananas, while the moisture and darkness of the fridge will only facilitate rotting.


Spuds should be placed in a cool, dry and dark space. By reason of the cold temperatures of the fridge, it can turn starch into sugar more rapidly. Because of that, keeping tots out of there, is best. It is also recommended that potatoes be removed from plastic or paper bags they may have been placed in. Also, keep them unwashed, as well in a well-ventilated cardboard box.