The Secret Behind The Shape Of Your Navel Tells A Lot About You!

When we talk about health, fitness or temperament, we consider so many factors that may imply the extent of our vigor and general well-being. Our heartbeat, pulse, eyes, color, and shape of the nails or the pallor of the face are some of the external variables that help us determine more about our constitution, physical and mental qualities. There is one more feature that may also be helpful in revealing more about ourselves.
You may be surprised to know that the belly button—the tiny, often ignored part of our bodies is also an indicator of what we may be from within and on the outside. It is also an essential energy point or chakra and point of healing as per many orthodox as well as alternate systems of medicine. Though it has largely been a symbol of body aesthetics with an erotic appeal, it is also a part whose difference or rather uniqueness holds the key to many subtle and obvious differences that we may find between people and their personalities. It holds many interesting dimensions as per scientific and cultural contexts.

So, what do the different navels mean ? Let us read further and find out more about it.