Fun Things to do in Tokyo !

Tokyo is a very busy and big city, stylish, futuristic yet traditionel at the same time. That makes it one of the most charming cities in the world !
Well here are Things you defenitly must do if you visit japan’s capital :
Try to eat japanese food as much as you can :

One of the most important things you should do is try some traditional japanese food and i’m not talking about sushi alone, i mean food like: Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Ramen….
You will also be surprised how many vending machines there are, they’re litterally in very corner, and you won’t believe how good and fresh the vending machine food is.
Go Shopping :

 Whether you prefer departmentstore browsing or looking for secondhand treasures, there’s a Tokyo neighbourhood to meet your shopping needs.
You can Shop at Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku…No wonder the place is crowded with fashionable people !
Visit an Onsen : 

                                                          Relax you body by bathing in one the many hotsprings of tokyo, but you should except  to get naked all the way !

Visit Themed bar, cafes and restaurants:

There is no lack of themed places in japan, from anime and robots to Alcatraz and ghost houses.
  Visit the Imperial palace:

The Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan,have a glimpse of the ancient architecture of japan, and feel yourself being transported back in time to the Edo era !