Bitcoin drop’s: from 20,000 to 9,000 why ?

Happiness or misfortune is always a human action that is responsible
in the world of money markets the most illustrative case is that of bitcoin.
After a great euphoria and record high prices, the world of finance began to express its fear because of the hegemony of this new currency that so delight his audience by the benefits generated, but installs as well a big fear among its users.
Although the governments that initially authorized the listing of bitcoin has a regulating body, no one foreshadows a metamorphosis of habits in stock market investments.
A mutation perpetrated by the bitcoin which becomes the juicy product of stock market gain as cryptocurrency, but which constitutes a serious danger to the monetary remembrance.
The action of its downfall is therefore a political action taken in common with most governments, all committed  of the interests of bankers who monopolize the world
actions that are identified by coercive decisions that are manipulated by drastic governmental decisions, even to the point of intimidation, we observe by way of exception the Japanese authorities who carried out searches on the Coincheck electronic exchange platform a week ago after the latter lost some $ 530 million following massive piracy.
also the new restrictions on virtual currency transactions undertaken by the authorities in South Korea and China, leading to a general downward trend. The question of regulation arises all the more because university research has revealed risks of price manipulation.
Some countries have even taken incriminating positions all-purpose which obviously forbids the citizens of these states to speculate in cryptocurrency markets
not to mention also The end of Facebook advertising, which is also a bad sign
 the social network has decided to ban any advertising mentioning cryptocurrencies
the impact of such a decision is enormous and experts are unanimous: this measure only throws a great stir on those who hoped to invest in bitcoin. (Noting that the twins Tyler and Cameron The twin brothers who played Mark Zuckerberg the fatherhood of Facebook and who have caught up well since, investing $ 11 million in bitcoin in 2013, which is worth 1 billion today … sees the mark decision of an bad eye and remembers them with bad memories)
This choice comes in a context where bitcoin holders fear that a tightening of cryptocurrency control rules will occur. Recently, India has joined the concert of nations rather hostile to these cyptocurrencies (with the United States, China, Israel …). The country said it would attack those whose assets may be linked to the financing of illegal activities. A way for all serfs and slaves of bankers to maintain total control over these currencies …
but the question that must be asked: Will the bitcoin survive and have a bright future, even if it means replacing traditional currencies? the future will tell us.