Our friend and that of nature: Cycling

It is obvious that bicycle is the least expensive conveyance nowadays, and more people use today use it as a transportation.

But it is also a means of ecological transportation friend of nature that uses only the physical energy

Practicable by everyone everywhere (see India), the bike has innumerable virtues.

We can see that several countries are developing many avenues, facilitating the accessibility of this beneficial element and encouraging its reintegration into societal mores!

The researchers followed 45,000 Danes aged 50 to 65 years. Everyone practiced the bicycle, either at leisure, or to go to work, went shopping … After 20 years of follow-up, they had respectively 11% and 18% less cardiovascular risk than a control group. The analysis showed that half an hour of cycling a week provides some protection against cardiovascular disease.

This is the result of the following conclusions:

(A) The impact of cycling on humans


Pedaling: it’s rolling while moving your body …

Cycling Today is a sufficient means to exercise, so it is a humanizing factor against possible risks of developing cardiovascular disorders. The practice of a sport in general makes it possible to fight and limit the opportunities for the appearance of such disorders. Cycling is a fluid exercise that can be done daily to ensure the elimination of fat and fight against weight gain.

Of course the endurance activities with the bike promotes the dilatation of the vessels and the decrease of the arterial tension, and also improves the circulation of the blood towards the muscles and the organs and makes elastic and strong the arteries.

A heart developer

Cycling directly requires the body to meet the increased demand for energy and oxygen in the muscles, the heart activates its pump. The increase in blood flow dilates the vessels. “The arterial walls become softer, lowering the blood pressure, facilitating the circulation in the coronary arteries – which irrigate the heart – and increase the fluidity of the blood. new arterial circuits at the level of the heart, the tissues are better oxygenated, the heart gets in better shape.


effective remedy against heavy legs!

Many muscles are stressed and especially those of the thighs and calves. By compressing the veins, the contraction of the calf muscles strengthens the venous return.

Just watch the cyclists to see the shape and muscles of their feet.

Cerebral remedy!

To this must be added a remarkable relaxing power.

The relaxation that follows any physical effort is able to reduce the nervous tension and anxiety that are causing stress. Cycling brings a real psychic benefit.

A good physical condition also helps to have a better self-esteem. More confident, we can approach the difficulties of life with more ardor.

Finally, riding a bike is also an excellent sleep aid: it eliminates the consequences of overwork and stress. So calmed, we feel a healthy and pleasant physical fatigue that allows to find a healthy sleep and restorative.

 (B) The impact of cycling on nature

After the alarming findings on global warming and its negative impact on the ecological aspect There is a worldwide awareness of the need to change our behavior in order to fight against the degradation of nature. Emergencies undertaken in this context by a number of countries have put in place a

Educational, incentive and affordable that promotes the use of bike.

The first results are immediately beneficial and encourages us to go in this perspective because everyone agrees on the need for the reduction of car traffic and public transit one of the major emitters of gas.

The incentive policy for cycling is a beneficial strategy that contributes to ecological preservation first of all on the environment and then on health.

It is therefore this realization and my belief that cycling is a vital and safeguarding element that I have decided to consider as my best and faithful companion that I must use in my daily life